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Our Uniform Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure the costs are reasonable and in line with the government publication, 'Cost of Uniform'.

Second Hand Uniform

There is a good stock of quality second hand uniform for sale in the School Foyer.  All funds raised go to the School Association.  Second hand uniform is also available to buy at other School Association events such as Christmas and Summer Fairs.  Please do come and have a look!

Please ensure all items of school uniform are clearly labelled.  If you buy your labels through My Nametags and put in our school ID Code 62058 at the checkout, the School Association will receive 24% of the order at no extra cost to you.  This money will be used to enhance your child's learning experience at St Mary's. 

Branded St Mary's Uniform Items

Please visit the SWi Schoolwear website and search for St Mary's CE Middle to purchase any branded uniform items.  There are two ways to have items delivered:

  1. If you spend more than £75 then you can have free delivery to home.
  2. If you spend less than £75 you can either pay for delivery to home OR you can arrange for FREE delivery to school, where we will issue the items directly to your child. 
Pupil Premium 

If you receive Pupil Premium funding for your child and decide your parental element of the funding should be used, we will be able to order the uniform items straight from school, using the PP Financial Support Request Form

School Ties

School ties can be purchased from the office at a cost of £3.50 each (cash only). They are Eco Ties made from plastic bottles! 

Uniform - Code of Dress

We expect the children to be smartly dressed in school uniform and ask for your continued co-operation to ensure that it is worn correctly.  The school will strictly enforce the rules regarding uniform and pupils may be asked to return home to change if their uniform is incorrect.

Girls Uniform   Boys Uniform
White shirt (long or short-sleeved)   White shirt (long or short-sleeved)
St. Mary's School Tie (purchased through the school office)   St. Mary's School Tie (purchased through the school office)

Dark grey or black tailored school trousers/shorts

or, dark grey/black skirt

  Dark grey or black tailored school trousers/shorts

Black or dark grey socks or tights

  Black or dark grey socks
St. Mary's school sweatshirt with school logo   St. Mary's school sweatshirt with school logo
  • Tight-fitting trousers/leggings and trousers with prominent zips (other than a small zip for the flies) are not permitted.  Belts need to be unbranded and black or brown with a simple fastening.  Printed fashion belts are not permitted.
  • Pupils are allowed to wear one set of plain stud earrings without a protruding pin.  Nose, eyebrow, belly piercings and piercings to the upper ear are not permitted.  Earrings should not be worn during PE/Games lessons.  Children who have recently had their ears pierced should wear tape over the earrings during the lessons for the period of healing (6 weeks).
  • Make up, including nail varnish must not be worn to school.   Make-up that has been applied in school may be confiscated and returned at a later date to the parents/carer of the child.  Make-up remover will be used to remove any cosmetics worn.
  • Please make sure that hair is kept neat and tidy.  You may be asked to tie back long hair in some lessons and so you should have a hairband available.  Extremes of hairstyle are not permitted.  No temporary hair colour should be worn to school and pupils are also not permitted to have hair colour outside of what would be considered a natural colour.
  • Pupils are allowed to wear a hairband (plastic or fabric) providing that these do not have protruding parts (such as cat shaped ears).  Bows are also allowed to be worn in hair providing that they are of a small to medium size and are used for the purpose of restraining hair.

Please be aware that the school cannot provide a list of every rule relating to uniform and that common sense for what would be considered acceptable should be applied.   Parents should contact the school office if they have any questions about personal appearance, hairstyles or uniform before any purchase or procedure.  

We encourage all parents to be fully aware of the uniform rules that will be strictly adhered to when pupils transfer to The Thomas Hardye School at the end of Year 8 which can be found here.


Pupils are required to wear black shoes which must be leather/leather-look and have a sole colour matching the shoe.  Black, leather-look training style shoes are permitted, but these must be completely black with no visible logos, stripes etc.  Boots (including Doc Martins), skate shoes, shoes designed for leisure wear, suede or canvas shoes or shoes with prominent logos (including Vans) are not permitted.  Please see photos below showing examples of acceptable shoes – this is not an exhaustive list and is intended as a guide.

Physical Education


It is important that you have the correct equipment for all of your P.E. lessons. This is so you can remain safe and reduce the chance of injury.  

Basic Games kit  (* indicates available through the SWi Website)

· Blue shorts*

· Tracksuit bottoms/leggings (plain black or navy) - Shorts must be worn over leggings 

· Blue St Mary’s P.E. T-shirt* 

· Blue  Rugby Shirt*

· Long blue football socks*/ white socks

· Trainers (not canvas based)

Additional items

· Thin waterproof jacket

· Gloves

· Skins/base layer (plain black or navy)

No jewellery is to be worn in PE/Games lessons. If earrings are unable to be taken out then they must be taped. Long hair will need to be tied back.

Specialist Equipment

For some lessons throughout the year specialist equipment will be required. Please use the table below to familiarise yourself with the different equipment required for each year group. 

There is a limited stock of gum shields available through the school office for a cost of £2.50 (cash only). 

Specialist Equipment 







Football boots 


Rugby/football boots 





Flip flops 

5 Girls 




5 Boys 


6 Girls



6 Boys



7 Girls 




7 Boys


8 Girls




8 Boys


* Girls must wear a one piece swimming costume

Pupils will come to school in PE kit on the days when they have PE on their timetable. Pupils should only be in a St. Mary’s school rugby top and are not permitted to wear other training tops or hoodies. Please pack a spare kit in case of wet weather, this can be an additional PE kit or school uniform.