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School Transport Information

We aim to ensure that the journey to and from school is a time when pupils feel comfortable and safe. To assist us maintain this for everyone, each child is given a designated seat in which to travel. We have found this helps with behaviour, therefore, decreasing children’s anxiety around the time spent on the bus. It also enables quick resolution in the event of an incident that does not live up to St Mary’s high standards of expectation on transport.

The previous notice clearly sets out the high expectations of behaviour and is also in the Learning Journal each child receives at the commencement of each school year. This page also sets out the consequences of poor behaviour, the journey to and from school is a time when the children have some independence and, on occasion, they may get excited, loud or silly, we aim, with family support, to encourage the children to understand the standard of behaviour expected to allow each and every child to feel comfortable on the journey, seating them in peer-group areas has also allowed this. Additionally, it is not our aim to withdraw transport, unfortunately on very rare occasions after prolonged or serious incidents this may become necessary. 

If a child is uncomfortable travelling on the school bus for any reason we are always happy to work with parents and children to rectify the situation and encourage both parents and children to speak to the school as soon as possible. 

Information on entitlement to travel, surplus seats, routes and timetables can be found on the Dorset Council website: please follow the link:-

St Mary’s school transport routes are:

ME001 Bluebird  Tolpuddle, Southover, Affpuddle, Briantspuddle.

ME002 Bluebird Warmwell, Broadmayne, West Knighton, West Stafford, 

ME003 Damory Owermoigne, Crossways.

ME004 Damory Piddlevalley

ME005 Bluebird  Milborne St Andrew

ME008 First Bus Woodsford, Lewel, Crossways, Moreton, Tincleton.

ME009 Damory Charminster, Dorchester, Tincleton.

ME010 Bluebird Hilton, Ansty, Melcombe Bingham, Cheselbourne, Dewlish.

ME011 Dorset Community Transport serving Old Sherborne Road and rural areas off the Piddlevalley

Please be aware that although the ME009 serves Dorchester and Charminster, seats will only be allocated if a place at St Mary’s CE Middle School is offered by the council because there are no places at St Osmund’s or Dorchester Middle Schools.  

All pupils should treat everyone on the bus with respect at all times, bad language or unkind behaviour is never acceptable

Should you have any questions, please contact Dorset School Travel on 01305 224537 or please email