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Information about COVID-19 testing of staff and pupils

Schools have been tasked with providing facilities for all pupils in middle or secondary schools to be given 3 lateral flow tests to detect any pupils who may be asymptomatic for coronavirus.  The following slides and information is to give you information about the testing and how it will work.  All parents will have recieved a letter outlining the return to school arrangements and the link for giving consent for testing.  You can access this letter by clicking here.

The tests are very easy to perform.  The graphic below shows you what each test will involve.  Pupils will be supported in taking the test.

The mass testing taking place at the school will be undertaken in line with the guidelines set out by the DfE (Department for Education) and PHE (Public Health England).  It is being undertaken as part of the NHS Test and Trace strategy.  At St. Mary's C.E. Middle School, the testing will be undertaken in three ways:

  • All staff will tested twice per week (through home testing) and the results reported back to the school.
  • All pupils will be tested three times upon their return to school, with tests being 3 or 4 days apart.  Parents will then be given the option of using a home-testing kit to perform a weekly test for their child and other members of their household.
  • All pupils and staff who are identified as a close contacts of a person who has tested positive for coronavirus will then need to self-isolate in line with government guidance.  

Giving consent to take part in mass testing


  • Adults taking part in the testing process will register in advance of a test and will receive their result via email confirmation.  Registering for the test acts as giving consent for participating in the test.
  • Pupils will not need to register online before being tested in school but must have consent given by parents for them to take part.  Parents will have been sent a link where they can give consent for their child to participate in the testing.  A copy of this letter can be found using the link at the top of this page.

How will the results be communicated

  • Adults participating in the tests who have pre-registered using the NHS Test and Trace App will receive their results by email or text (depending upon the method selected at registration).  Results should be notified to you within 2 hours of taking the test.  If you have not received your result within 24 hours of taking the test, please return to take another test.
  • Pupils will only be told their result if they have returned an indication that they may be positive for coronavirus.  Pupils should assume that they are negative if they have not been given a result.
  • Parents will not be notified of a negative result.  Parents will be contacted if their child has returned a positive result and they will be asked to collect their child from school as soon as possible.  Pupils who have returned a positive result will be isolated within school until they can be collected.

Information about 7 day close contact testing (currently suspended)

Pupils who are deemed to have been in close contact with a pupils has been confirmed to be infected with coronavirus will be offered the chance to be tested for the next 7 school days to check that they do not develop the virus.  Pupils who takes these tests each day and show a negative result will be allowed into school as normal.  This removes the requirement for staff or pupils who are deemed close contacts to self-isolate and miss school.  Any pupils or staff who do not participate in this 7 day testing will have to follow government advice and self-isolate for 10 days.

Useful documents

The full risk assessment for the mass testing program can be found by clicking here.