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Welcome to St. Mary's C.E. Middle School

Welcome to St Mary's C.E. Middle School

Thank you for visiting the website for St. Mary's C.E. Middle School. We are a 9-13 middle school situated on the outskirts of Puddletown, a small village in the beautiful Dorset countryside. We are a church school with an ethos built on the core Christian values of respect, forgiveness, justice, uniqueness, equality, acceptance and kindness.

We look to inspire our school community and give them the tools to thrive in the modern world, summed up by our school aim of 'Inspire today to shape tomorrow'. We are proud to have been assessed as an outstanding church school in our last two Church of England inspections. We expect the highest standards in both academic work and behaviour and we place our children at the centre of everything we do.

The pupils, staff and governors are very proud of our school and we hope that this website will allow you to see why. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you in person.

Sports Premium

PE Sports Premium Funding Information

St. Mary's Middle is a school committed to delivering high quality physical opportunities across a wide range of activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The government has sought to support PE in the primary age range and as a middle school, we have benefitted from the funding.  We are seeking to use this funding in a collaborative and innovative way to build on our existing strengths.  Please find below an outline of how the funding for the academic year 2016/2017 will be used.  The distribution of the sports funding in under the direction of the head of school.

Activity Funding Target Date Monitoring Intended Impact
Middle school contribution towards the DASP mini-pyramid sports coordinator (a contribution is received from each of the schools in the mini-pyramid to fund one staff member working across all of the schools).  Staff member undertaking this role is Mr. Levi Daley. £5225 All year Weekly task sheets submitted to the head of school and DASP
  • Development of a wide range of sports across the pyramid (to aid in early development of core sports skills in first schools that can be developed at St. Mary's), to facilitate opportunities for development of sports leadership positions through first school sessions led by middle school pupils, to ensure active participation in the widest range of extra-curricular sports opportunities.  
  • Aid in transition of pupils from first schools into middle schools through participation at sporting events held on site at middle school. 
Funding for additional teacher support within the PE department with specific development of dance related activities (through lunchtime and after school clubs).  Staff maker undertaking this role is Miss Linda Palmer. £3000 All year Tracking of pupil numbers involvement in extra curricular dance activities
  • Opportunities for pupils across all year groups to participate in dance activities to help raise general fitness levels and increase engagement in sports type activities.  
  • To provide extra-curricular activities in an area of physical activity identified by pupils as one they would like to see developed at the school.
Contribution towards the purchase of iPads for specific use in the PE department. £1000 Summer Term 2017 Lesson observations and training records
  • To provide pupils with the opportunity to use technology to record activities in PE lessons, analyse performance and assess work.  
  • Use of various apps in lessons relating to fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.
Total Funding: £9225      


Levi Dailey (DASP Sports Coordinator) is based in St Mary’s Middle School and its feeder first schools.  He has been working hard with all 19 schools in DASP through leading the team of sports coordinators, all encouraging pupils in every school to achieve their best!  He is excited about focusing more with his selected schools in the St. Mary's pyramid and getting more time to work with them.

Mr Dailey is known to the pupils in the various schools who always enjoy it when he visits regularly.  His PE sessions stand out and are enjoyable, no matter what the weather or the activity. He has extensive experience with all the DASP schools and will be sharing his expertise with all three of his Olympic Legacy Leaders to try to improve PE across DASP.
PE in St Mary’s Puddletown Middle School, Frome Valley, Broadmayne, Milborne St Andrews, Puddletown First, Cheselbourne and Piddle Valley are in for a direct improvement that will help keep alive the sports feeling we all had in 2012 forever!

For further information on the DASP Olympic Legacy Project, please click on this link.

Evidence showing the use of the Sports Premium Funding

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