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Welcome to St Mary's C.E. Middle School

Thank you for visiting the website for St. Mary's C.E. Middle School. We are a 9-13 middle school situated on the outskirts of Puddletown, a small village in the beautiful Dorset countryside. We are a church school with an ethos built on the core Christian values of respect, forgiveness, justice, uniqueness, equality and acceptance.

Our aim is to give every pupil the chance to achieve their God given potential in all areas of their life and we are proud to have been assessed as an outstanding church school in our last two Church of England inspections. We expect the highest standards in both academic work and behaviour and we place our children at the centre of everything we do.

The pupils, staff and governors are very proud of our school and we hope that this website will allow you to see why. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you in person.


Year 8 - FRENCH TRIP - starting Monday 20th May




Grey group about to go Canoeing on the canal

Grey group about to go Canoeing on the canal 1

Green Team Briefing

Green Team Briefing 1

Zach ready to climb a mountain!!!

Zach ready to climb a mountain!!! 1

Made it to the Top - In the Snow

Made it to the Top - In the Snow 1

Yellow group getting ready to canoe!

Yellow group getting ready to canoe! 1

Purple group ready to canoe!

Purple group ready to canoe! 1

Shoelaces ready - CLIMB!!

Shoelaces ready - CLIMB!! 1

This is easy - look at me!!

This is easy - look at me!! 1

Nearly there!!

Nearly there!! 1

Reached the top - what a view!!

Reached the top - what a view!! 1


French Trip 2017 Diary......


St Mary’s Puddletown pupils in Years 7 and 8 joined some sixth form biologists from Thomas Hardye School for an inspirational ‘Discovering Oceanography’ three hour cruise aboard the National Oceanography Centre’s floating classroom, RV Callista within the calm coastal waters of the Solent. 


Southampton University’s marine scientists guided the students through a series of hands-on activities to give pupils a taster of research techniques that they use routinely: transparency of the water was measured using a Secchi disc; depth and profile data was collected for salinity and temperature; sediment samples from polluted and non-polluted sides of the estuary were collected with a grab and compared; a huge diversity of marine life became apparent from samples collected using coarse nets for dredging the bottom of the estuary (yielding many starfish), and fine nets for trawling surface waters for plankton. 


Back on land at the National Oceanography Centre they enjoyed a guided tour of the centre’s marine aquarium and finally Dr Rowe, Head of Biology at Thomas Hardye, gave the students a plenary session questioning them about their experiences of the day and relating it to possible careers in marine science to round off a very special day out. 


Some of St Mary’s students reflected on their way back home: 'it was very inspiring to meet such talented and dedicated people from the ‘world of science'; 'it educated us and helped us with our future, also we got to know Y12s and ask them questions'; 'we learnt so much about our local wildlife and what we can do to save them'; 'it broadened my knowledge and peaked my interest into oceanography and marine biology'; 'it was a good experience to learn about our impact on marine life and made me realise I want to work in this field'.

Thank you to Gary Fisher and the crew for an amazing day, helping Thomas Hardye School to celebrate British Science Week with St Mary’s Middle School, Puddletown in a very memorable way.

Oceanography Trip



Welsh Trip to Plas Pencelli - Sunday 2nd April - Friday 7th April 2017 


Year 7 had a wonderful week at Pencelli in the Breacon Beacons where they took part in various daily activities such as climbing, caving, walking, canoeing, orienteering, gorge walking and sliding down waterfalls! A super week was had by all pupils and staff!





Blue Group (Mr Wicks)

Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 1
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 2
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 3
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 4
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 5
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 6
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 7
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 8
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 9
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 10
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 11
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 12
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 13
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 14
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 15
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 16
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 17
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 18
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 19
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 20
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 21
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 22
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 23
Blue Group (Mr Wicks) 24

Green Group (Mrs Gaughan)

Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 1
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 2
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 3
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 4
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 5
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 6
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 7
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 8
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 9
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 10
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 11
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 12
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 13
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 14
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 15
Green Group (Mrs Gaughan) 16

Red Group (Mr Christie)

Red Group (Mr Christie) 1
Red Group (Mr Christie) 2
Red Group (Mr Christie) 3
Red Group (Mr Christie) 4
Red Group (Mr Christie) 5
Red Group (Mr Christie) 6
Red Group (Mr Christie) 7
Red Group (Mr Christie) 8
Red Group (Mr Christie) 9
Red Group (Mr Christie) 10
Red Group (Mr Christie) 11
Red Group (Mr Christie) 12
Red Group (Mr Christie) 13

Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley)

Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 1
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 2
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 3
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 4
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 5
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 6
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 7
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 8
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 9
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 10
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 11
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 12
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 13
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 14
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 15
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 16
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 17
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 18
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 19
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 20
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 21
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 22
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 23
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 24
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 25
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 26
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 27
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 28
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 29
Yellow Group (Mrs Brenchley) 30

Purple Group (Mr Dailey)

Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 1
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 2
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 3
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 4
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 5
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 6
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 7
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 8
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 9
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 10
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 11
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 12
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 13
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 14
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 15
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 16
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 17
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 18
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 19
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 20
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 21
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 22
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 23
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 24
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 25
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 26
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 27
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 28
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 29
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 30
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 31
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 32
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 33
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 34
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 35
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 36
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 37
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 38
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 39
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 40
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 41
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 42
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 43
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 44
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 45
Purple Group (Mr Dailey) 46

White Group (Mr Aspinall)

White Group (Mr Aspinall) 1
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 2
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 3
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 4
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 5
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 6
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 7
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 8
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 9
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 10
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 11
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 12
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 13
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 14
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 15
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 16
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 17
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 18
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 19
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 20
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 21
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 22
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 23
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 24
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 25
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 26
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 27
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 28
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 29
White Group (Mr Aspinall) 30

Orange Group (Miss Osborne)

Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 1
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 2
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 3
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 4
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 5
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 6
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 7
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 8
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 9
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 10
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 11
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 12
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 13
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 14
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 15
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 16
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 17
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 18
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 19
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 20
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 21
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 22
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 23
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 24
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 25
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 26
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 27
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 28
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 29
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 30
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 31
Orange Group (Miss Osborne) 32

French Trip - Monday 22nd May - Friday 26th May 2017

Berneires-Sur-Mer - Wyvern School Tours


Parents Information Evening - Date to be confirmed


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