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Our school is based around the core Christian values of Respect, Acceptance, Uniqueness, Equality, Justice and Forgiveness.

Welcome to St Mary's C.E. Middle School

Thank you for visiting the website for St. Mary's C.E. Middle School. We are a 9-13 middle school situated on the outskirts of Puddletown, a small village in the beautiful Dorset countryside. We are a church school with an ethos built on the core Christian values of respect, forgiveness, justice, uniqueness, equality and acceptance.

Our aim is to give every pupil the chance to achieve their God given potential in all areas of their life and we are proud to have been assessed as an outstanding church school in our last two Church of England inspections. We expect the highest standards in both academic work and behaviour and we place our children at the centre of everything we do.

The pupils, staff and governors are very proud of our school and we hope that this website will allow you to see why. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you in person.

Sports News

Year 5/6 TAG Rugby V St Osmunds - A great victory! Well done boys!!

Year 5/6 TAG Rugby V St Osmunds - A great victory!  Well done boys!! 1

KS2 DASP Tennis Tournament - 3rd Place

KS2 DASP Tennis Tournament - 3rd Place 1

Sports Day Timetable 2017

Athletics Season has begun at St Marys!!

Athletics Season has begun at St Marys!! 1
Athletics Season has begun at St Marys!! 2
Athletics Season has begun at St Marys!! 3
Athletics Season has begun at St Marys!! 4

Last week, 22 students visited Budmouth to compete in the area athletics event. As always, at these athletics events, our students put on a show of commitment and enthusiasm, as a result of this we managed to get a number of students through to county!


Considering the minimal time we have had to prepare for this event I am hugely proud of the students and the PE Dept.


A great achievement was made by all!


Summer Term 2017


With the summer term approaching St Mary's would like to request that children bring sun cream, a sun cap and a water bottle along with their white PE kit please. We would like to take every precaution in protecting the children from the sun especially during their PE lessons.



Year 7/8 Girls Football - Last match of the year!

Year 7/8 Girls Football - Last match of the year! 1
This week the Year 7/8 girls football team took to the field at St Osmunds for their last match of the year!  Congratulations girls on your 4 -1 win, great teamwork!

Year 8 Basketball

Year 8 Basketball 1

The Year 8 basketball team took to the courts at St Osmund's where they approached the courts eager to win and slam dunk the competition. However, giant's would not even come close to describing St Osmund's team! St Mary’s ventured on and took on the battle of St Osmund’s and DMS. It was a tough challenge with both St Osmund's and DMS fighting hard to keep us out..... But the team fought back with spirit and determination which was admired by  parents from each middle school. The team won the battle to win the crowd and for the points but, unfortunately, the ball just did not reach the net on this occasion bur the team remain positive will re-build for the area tournament in January. A super effort team!


Year 7 Girls Football

Year 7 Girls Football 1
A Huge well done to the Year 7 Girls who took on Glenmoor Academy in the quarter finals of the County Cup which saw the girls gain a victory win of  2 -1 whilst sporting the new school football kit!  A great performance girls!!

Year 6 Girls Netball


The girls took part in their second high 5 netball match against Chickerell - the girls fought hard from the first whistle but unfortunately Chickerell pulled away with a win but it was a great team effort.

Year 5 & 6 Football

Year 5 & 6 Football 1

Well done to the Year 5 & 6 boys who took part in the in the Area Football Tournament against Wyke Regis this week.  


The boys are a newly formed team and battled hard to gain victory but, unfortunately, lost 7-3. 


A great effort boys!

Super News for the School and Excellent work from the PE Department.....on achieving the Silver School Games Mark Award!

Year 7 Swimming Gala - Well Done to all that took part!

Year 7 Swimming Gala - Well Done to all that took part! 1
Year 7 Swimming Gala - Well Done to all that took part! 2

Year 6 Girls Netball

Year 6 Girls Netball 1

The Year 5 Girls took part in their first High 5 Netball Match against Radipole.  It was a very nervous start but they soon found their feet and gained a victory of 3-0!


Miss Osborne and the rest of the PE department are very proud of the team and look forward to the next match against Chickerell.


The team as follows....


Mad Connolly

Sinead Clegg

Gemma Parker

Isabella Marshall

Isabel Assirati

Iris Courtney

Georgia Crook

Lily Henry-Barnes

Year 7 Girls County Cup

Year 7 Girls County Cup 1
Year 7 Girls County Cup 2

Well Done to the Year 7 Girls who stormed onto the football pitch yesterday to take on the mighty Ferndown in the County Cup Match!  


The girls played outstandingly well finishing the game to a win of 3-2!  Great effort team.....


Teri Parry (Captain - 2 goals scored)

Lucy Purbrick

Molly White (1 goal)

Maddie Cooper

Clemmy Wakeman

Bonnie Brooks

Lauren Wilson

Helena  Sawdy

Ellie-May Howe (Girl of the Match)

Izzy Fletcer


Year 8 Swim Gala

Year 8 Swim Gala 1
There was a fantastic turn out for the Year 8 Swim Gala.  The Year 8's stormed into the pool, race after race and charged like sharks through the water to obtain victory!!  Results to follow.......


Cross Country at Colfox School

Cross Country at Colfox School 1
Cross Country at Colfox School 2
Cross Country at Colfox School 3
Cross Country at Colfox School 4
Cross Country at Colfox School 5
Cross Country at Colfox School 6
Cross Country at Colfox School 7
Cross Country at Colfox School 8
Cross Country at Colfox School 9
Cross Country at Colfox School 10
Cross Country at Colfox School 11
Cross Country at Colfox School 12
Cross Country at Colfox School 13
Cross Country at Colfox School 14
Cross Country at Colfox School 15
Cross Country at Colfox School 16
Cross Country at Colfox School 17
Cross Country at Colfox School 18

DASP Fixtures at St Osmund's - 11th November 2015


Our yr 5 Hi 5 girls team shone in the netball tournament. Beating hosts St Osmund's 1 - 0 in an incredible game

Team:    Skye Marrow, Georgia Crook, Isabel Asserati (C), Lily Henry-Barnes and Amber Crocker


Our boys dominated against DMS in the basketball tournament . Winning 16 - 2 

Team: Matt White, Connor Kesley, Henry Dipple (C), Euan White and Otto Breeze


Finally our yr 7 boys had heck of a football tournament dominating in one match and playing like true gentlemen in the other

Team: Charlie Mutton, Seamus McBride, Charlie Moors, Rowan Summers, Adam Gravell, Cavan Watts (C), Dan Perry, Max Whittington and Noah Jarvis-Woodbridge

Yr 7/8 Girls Football Match vs Budmouth - 12th October

Under floodlights and on the new artificial football pitch the stage was set at Budmouth last night. The crowds gathered to witness a truly talented side comprising of Weymouth's own girls football team that took on the mighty Puddletown!

Our girls stepped forward onto this unusual pitch and gritted their teeth ready for battle! (3G pitch)

The girls fought hard and played well with woman of the match going to Jane Jeffery's who simply didn't give up!  (Eleanor Hill was in a close second with her performance)

In the end the girls lost the match but we walked away with our heads held high waiting desperately for the re-match at our place!

Congratulate the girls if they are in your tutor group please and show them the team pic as they deserve the recognition on yesterdays performance! 

Bea Green (Captain), Georgia Atkin, Emma Carpenter, Jane Jeffery, Alys Moore, Callie Skinner, Saffron Twigg, Caja Whooples,Grace Holden, Jenny Brake, Eleanor Hill, Charlotte Chilcott, Sarah Hannon and Katie Wooton.

St Marys vs Budmouth Yr 8 Rugby


Our first rugby match for the season saw us playing away against a strong Budmouth team. Mid-way through the first half Budmouth scored their first try, soon followed by a try by Henry Dipple from a scrum set piece. St Mary’s put on some good play with skilful thinking and things from training put into the game, however we were beaten by a bigger and better team on the day. I’m pleased to say there was no  dubious referee decisions unlike the RWC quarter-final last Saturday.


Final score 35-5 to Budmouth



By Will Ritchie (Captain)


Year 7 Rugby vs St Osmund's


Score - St Mary's 14 - 28 St Osmund's


22nd October 2015 saw St Mary's Year 7 rugby team, play their first game of the season against St Osmund's Middle school from Dorchester.


With a number of players on both sides from a range of local rugby clubs, the fixture was set up to be an excellent contest with both schools regular close rivals at all sports.


St Mary's kicked off the game and played the initial 5 minutes with confidence and looking competitive.  Unfortunately, the first scores on the board were to St Osmund's when one of their players broke through the St Mary's defensive line and put over the first try, followed by a conversion.


Even after the early score line, St Mary's remained confident with high hopes but St Osmund's were hard to contain by using the benefit of their quickest player, scoring twice in the St Mary's corner.  By half time the score stood at 21 points to 0, with St Osmund's scoring 3 tries and 3 conversions.


After a good half time talk between the St Mary's players, they were determined to get back into the game.


St Osmund's kicked off the second half and immediately the St Mary's team looked much improved and capable of catching the points score of St Osmund's.


Not long after kick off and with St Mary's pressurising the St Osmund's defence 10m out from the try line.  Two passes out from the ruck, the ball landed with Louis Allum, who ran straight towards the St Osmund's try line, through two tackles and over the line for St Mary's first try, converted by Cavan Watt.


St Mary's now had some momentum and shortly after the first try, moved the ball well along the line, picked up by Guy Chalstrey who worked well scoring the second try for St Mary's.  A good conversion by the try scorer and St Mary's were now closing in on St Osmund's.


St Osmund's kicked the restart straight into the hands of St Mary's Jack Hamilton who set off on a great run skipping and pushing through eight St Osmund's tackles, but unfortunately was taken into touch by the last player to prevent a fantastic try.


From the line out, St Osmund's made the most of the possession eventually getting the ball out to their winger, who had already scored twice, and he made his way through 3 tackles and just made it to the try line as he got tackled.


A great game to watch and participate in, so St Mary's should come away with good confidence after their second half performance and take this to the area rugby tournament coming up in November.


Man of the match was Theo for his amazing support in the rucks and consistent tackling.






Year 6 Boys Football vs Hamworthy


Boys walked onto the pitch at Hamworthy last night . . .  and they come off men.

Our yr 6 MEN battled through tough circumstances and fought together to secure an impressive 2 - 0 win over Hamworthy Park School in the National Cup.

The journey up was torture for the men as they kept asking the question "Are they going to be any good?". They were! 

The men played with their hearts on their sleeves and supported each other till their legs couldn't run anymore! Superb goals came in the form of a tremendous cross from Harvey to allow Captain Louie to smash home a header. Tricky play from Billy secured a cross to find Harry "The Hoff" charging his head at it to bullet effect past the goal keeper.

The men charged every attack and blocked every defence. Man of the match must however go to Fergus  Dipple who was the general at the back protecting his team.



  Year 8 Girls Football Match vs Ferndown


In my many years involved with Girls football I have never seen a more beautiful game than the one I witnessed last night! Our girls played like warrior poets and scripted a superb game against ex-quarter finalists Ferndown Middle in the Dorset County Cup.

Supporters turned up from Mr Tubb, Miss Gould, Mr Bingham, Mr Somerfield and Mr Aylling. The crowd of staff and parents were shouting words of encouragement on the sidelines to push our girls towards victory. Alas the Ferndown team with 3 county players were too strong for us yesterday. Though our girls never gave up playing, as the score was tied, pushing right through till the final whistle was blown. The parents and staff were kept on the edge of their seats right until the end. Our girls illustrated what fight to the end truly means.


We've had 4 1 9 7 6 visitors