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Our school is based around the core Christian values of Respect, Acceptance, Uniqueness, Equality, Justice and Forgiveness.

Welcome to St Mary's C.E. Middle School

Thank you for visiting the website for St. Mary's C.E. Middle School. We are a 9-13 middle school situated on the outskirts of Puddletown, a small village in the beautiful Dorset countryside. We are a church school with an ethos built on the core Christian values of respect, forgiveness, justice, uniqueness, equality and acceptance.

Our aim is to give every pupil the chance to achieve their God given potential in all areas of their life and we are proud to have been assessed as an outstanding church school in our last two Church of England inspections. We expect the highest standards in both academic work and behaviour and we place our children at the centre of everything we do.

The pupils, staff and governors are very proud of our school and we hope that this website will allow you to see why. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you in person.




Half Terms/Year Groups

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Autumn 1



Materials Cube

Pop Art Action Image


Street Art


Autumn 2


Printmaking From nature


Human Form

African masks 


Mixed media - Still Life


Spring 1


Aboriginal art

Human Form/Eqyptians

Still Life


Response to War Poetry


Spring 2

Greek Myths Creature Illustration



Impressionist landscape

Response to War Poetry/Grotesque Portrait

Summer 1


Eqyptians/Book Cover Design


 Impressionism Landscape/Robot Illustration

Grotesque Portrait



Book Cover

Robot Illustration



Amazing Aliens Invade St Mary's!!

Well done to everyone who entered the Alien Art competition. The standard was extremely high and there were some amazing 'Out of this World' entries!

The first place winners for each year were as follows;

Year 5: Joint winners- Niamh Roff and Grace Keefe

Year 6: Levi Warnes

Year 7: Orlagh Rendall-Carter

Year 8: Ayanna Caffrey

A full list of all the placed winners and their work can be seen on the Art section of the School Website.

Again well done to everyone who entered!

Christmas Card Competition 2016

Year 5 - Aboriginal Art

Year 5 - Aboriginal Art 1
Year 5 - Aboriginal Art 2
Year 5 - Aboriginal Art 3

Year 7 - African Masks

Year 7 - African Masks 1
Year 7 - African Masks 2
Year 7 - African Masks 3
Year 7 - African Masks 4

Year 8 Art from War Poetry

Year 8 Art from War Poetry 1 Adam V
Year 8 Art from War Poetry 2 Alicia K
Year 8 Art from War Poetry 3 Imogen H
Year 8 Art from War Poetry 4 Ben F
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